Want me to write for you?

If you like what you see on the blog, why not get me to write for you.

I write. A lot. For myself and anyone who wants me to write for them. More specifically I like to write online content; finding a brand's voice and building communities to listen to the things you/I/we have to say.

I've moved my entire site to www.northwestnosh.co.uk, so if you want some up to date examples of work, come visit me there!

Areas of expertise:
 - Online communications.
 - Website management.
 - Copy-writing and content creation.
 - Social media - content creation, moderation, management, strategy and analysis.
 - Audience development.
 - Developing traffic building strategies.
 - Optimising content for SEO.
 - Proofing and editing.
 - Content development, management and marketing.
 - Using various CMS - blogger, wordpress etc.
 - Using social media platforms to develop loyal follower base.
 - Changing tone to write for various audiences.
 - Working to house style documents.
 - Engagement and content analysis.

I'm also pretty hot at horticulture and cookery in education, cycling slowly, swimming, knitting, writing bad poetry and bird-watching.

If you'd like to get in touch to discuss freelancing, drop me an email: noshcreatives@gmail.com or pester me over on twitter @northwestnosh.