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Christmas Sparkle Hamper - Hampergifts

I love a good hamper – the pleasing creak of the wicker, the anticipation as you undo the sturdy leather straps, burying your hands in the oodles of filling to find the unknown treasures contained with in – and you can even use the hamper again once you’ve gorged on its innards.

I used to receive a hamper every year, however I’ve left that job and I know longer work for an employer who a) has a very small workforce and b) who believes sending us home on Christmas Eve with a bulging box of goodies is a worthwhile allocation of resources (you work for a charity – and no, the charity is not your belly – ed); so when Hampergifts asked if I’d review one of their hampers, well how could I say no?

How the hamper arrived

The Christmas Sparkle hamper is basically every accoutrement you’ll need for Christmas day; it would be great to take along with you to whomever is hosting you on the big day, or a good stock of things to send a house- bound grandparent or someone who’s celebrating alone.

My itchy little fingers pulled out three bottles of booze (and you know I like my booze) – a Sauvignon Blanc, a Merlot and a Crème de Blancs (ie a French sparkling wine made to the traditional method but outside of the champagne appellation). To line your tummy from all the booze there’s also posh pheasant pate and award-winning crackers, with mustard and chutney – you just need to supply the cheese.

What about sweet stuff? Don’t worry there’s a one person brandy pudding and a hefty wodge of Christmas cake. Not into the traditional sweetmeats of Christmas? There’s shortbread tails, fancy matchmakers (dark chocolate, mint covered things – may have eaten them as soon as the hamper arrived), perfumed Turkisk delight, toffees to pull out your dentures and a bag of fudge and raisins to keep the young folk quiet whilst you locate the spirits to dull the noise.

Everything you get - bar the Turkish delight, which I ate just after the chocolate sticks

And Hampergifts have also thought about the morning after – supplying bitter marmalade and strong ground coffee to slap you out of the post-Christmas Day booze food haze. How thoughtful!

Oh and there’s also a generous supply of nutmeg (with handy grater), because it’s illegal to have Christmas without nutmeg. FACT.

So how much is one of these hampers? It’ll set you back £84.95 – but considering you a) don’t have to go and shop for these things and mingle with OTHER PEOPLE b) the booze alone would set you back around £25 to start with c) you get it delivered so there’s no stress and d) you can use the hamper again (mine now has craft supplies in it, gee I sound so exciting) – it’s pretty good value. And it is Christmas after all.

Hurry, you’ve got mere weeks left to send a Christmas hampers from Hampergifts to granny! Just visit their site to get one.

Ps Hampergifts do a full range of gorgeous hampers, so there’s one to suit every budget .

Please note I was sent my hamper gratis but was not under any obligation to say nice things – I just liked what came in the box and had a few good days pretending Christmas had come early.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! It is such a surprise to get a hamper at Christmas and even more so when it is very generous and filled with things like your images show!