Friday, 26 April 2013

FREE BOOZE - Cocktails in the City Competiton

Next week is the second year running of Cocktails in the City; a glitzy glam event celebrating everything bar-tending and booze related in Manchester.

Based at the Town Hall, Cocktails in the City brings together 18 bars, 150 cocktails and 600 cocktails enthusiasts. The movers and shakers (pun intended) of the Manchester bar scene will be setting up pop-ups throughout the Great Hall, where cocktail lovers (and booze hounds like myself) can sample drinks, chat spirits and party the night away. As a special treat this year, the Lord Mayor's Parlour (posh or what?) will be taken over by Liar's Club, Hula and Keko Moku (with a little help from El Dorado Rums) to re-create a tiki paradise - COME FIND ME THERE!

Booze - always make people this happy (not scientific fact...)

As well as tiki-time, Cocktails in the City has expanded this year to bring you food from chi-chi burger joint, Almost Famous - probably a good thing considering how much booze is going to be consumed.

Think that's great? Those famous source specialists, The Liquorists, will be on hand to give visitors guided spirit sessions AND there's plenty of cocktail demonstrations going on in the main hall.

Come see bartenders getting crazy creative at Cocktails in the City

This year, visitors can choose from a range of tickets (book HERE):

The Taster: £15 including entrance, two cocktails, main stage demonstrations and a cocktail booklet.
·         The Enthusiast: £25 includes three cocktails, a Liquorists tutored tasting session, main stage demonstrations and a cocktail booklet.
·         The Connoisseur: £45 includes champagne cocktail reception, food from Almost Famous, three cocktails and a Liquorists tutored tasting session.

BUT HANG ON - I've bagged two VIP tickets for you to COME JOIN ME at the biggest party of the year! And it's very easy to enter - just comment below to let me know your FAVOURITE cocktail (and why) - or just follow/tweet me if it's easier @northwestnosh - by Tue 30 April 5pm.

And because I love you so much, I've also gone and got you an exclusive cocktail recipe for the El Dorado House Punch - which is super easy to make at home:

1 bottle El Dorado 5 Year Old Rum

1 mug builders tea (i.e strong brew & 1:1 tea:sugar)
1 carton grapefruit juice
1 carton apple juice
1 egg cup absinthe (or Pernod/Ricard/Ouzo)
Bottle of bubbly

Add ingredients to a large bowl. Add lots of sliced, tropical fruit BUT NO ICE>
Ladle into glasses full of ice.
Distribute round the party!
ENJOY - whilst guests lavish praise on you for your ace drinks skills.


  1. MOJITO (made in a 24 litre ice box for extra class)

  2. My all-time favourite cocktail was invented by me and a friend after a recent break up, and is called "The Good Idea":

    1 large measure of gin (preferably Hendricks)
    a dash of absinthe
    top up with prosecco

    Wow, those things are lethal, but it was exactly what I needed, and (from what I remember) we had a very fun night!

    Anther favourite is a 1930s invention from the Savoy Cocktail Book for the ultimate hair of the dog, called the "Corpse Reviver":

    20ml gin
    20ml cointreau
    20ml sweet white vermouth
    a dash of bitters
    20ml lemon juice
    a dash of absinthe

    Serve over lots of ice and feel your hangover melt away. These are especially useful when trying to cure the headache caused by too many "Good Ideas"...

  3. If you're looking for a specific bar/restaurant cocktail, then it has to be an almost famous Molotov. I've lost a night or two drinking that haha. If you want a favouraite cocktail I'd have to go for a Lynchburg lemonade